Our ‘Chief Chicken’ loves learning new skills and as well as 30 years working in agency land and honing her marketing knowledge, she’s an avid baker – cakes and cupcakes are her forte! Over the years she’s also learnt the art of Indian Head Massage, got her Reiki attunement level 1, has attempted Salsa Dancing (two left feet!), has run an online jewellery business, done a digital photography course, learnt to arm-knit and this year has turned her creative sights to candle making.

In fact, after two courses and lots of research and practice she’s invested in a new business and this month sees her launch SERENITY SCENTS AND LIFESTYLE.

Naturally she called upon her chicken/egg team to create the brand identity and using the WIX e-commerce platform has developed a simple website to sell a range of eco soy wax candles.

Each candle has a healing crystal embedded in it and the scents have been chosen to work in harmony with the healing properties of each crystal.

Hand-poured in small batches in the kitchen of her 17th Century cottage in Bucks we’re looking forward to seeing the business grow and supporting it with the c/e’s social, PR and marketing prowess!