We’re about to turn 15 … When I started chicken/egg back in 2004 I was predominantly supporting other agencies as a Pitch Doctor and helping them with their employee engagement. Fast forward four years and we’d evolved to become a stand-alone agency supporting clients with their marketing planning and design.

My business model was quite unique (bringing together collaboration through freelance/consultant teams) but fast forward again and it’s becoming pretty mainstream and lots of agencies operate in this fluid and cost effective way. That actually makes me feel confident that I’ve created a strong business that can continue to grow.

I might be the Chief Chicken but my eggscellent (there had to be pun in this status!) coop of designers, writers, digital specialists, social & PR experts, videographers, photographers, developers have made chicken/egg the agency that I love running!

Thank you to all past, present (and future) clients who have entrusted your marketing budgets with us … cheers!