As MD of chicken/egg and with a 30 year creative agency ‘CV’ behind me I decided to step completely out of my comfort zone this year … here’s my story!  (which got over 8,000 views on LinkedIn!)


B brave
B confident
B inspired
B challenged
B more like Mark Ritson!

Results are in: I got a B!

I took the plunge and signed up for Mark’s mini MBA in marketing. Just as the course started I caught Covid and it knocked me for six, so I had to play serious catch-up but the fact that the course materials are all on-demand made that part easy.

I very nearly didn’t do the exam but thanks to a wonderful WhatsApp support team of other miniMBA’ers (you know who you are!) together we debated, deliberated and dissected each of the sections and, when I hit the exam submit button, I felt a sense of achievement in just doing that and it was such a huge confidence boost, with a side order of butterflies!

I’ve spent my career creative agency side so I’m the ‘Carol from Aspire’ (inside joke!) and predominately take my lead from talented client-side marketing teams. This course completely took me outside my comfort zone so I was ‘B’side myself when I collected my results.

Thank you Mark Ritson and the marketing week team. You were the Best thing I’ve ever done to date … tempted by the brand course now!

Fancy doing it?